A luxurious taste of tiramisu and cocoa cream with added mascarpone cheese, coffee & cocoa powder, with cocoa biscuit sticks.

A luxurious blend of strawberry and blueberry notes with a rich mascarpone cheese cream, perfectly paired with fine oat biscuit sticks.

A luxurious taste of matcha and cocoa cream with added Japanese matcha powder, cocoa powder, and cocoa biscuit sticks.


Premium Yan Yan was launched with Tiramisu and Matcha to satisfy desires for tastier, better-quality snacks. Made with finer ingredients like mascarpone cheese and Japanese matcha powder, the tiramisu and matcha creams are layered over a chocolate cream and served with cocoa biscuit sticks.

In 2018, Mixed Berries & Cheese joined the Premium Yan Yan family. Layered over a delectable mascarpone cheese cream, the fragrant mixed berries cream injects a burst of flavour with strawberry and blueberry notes, while finely powdered oats added into the biscuit sticks complement the smooth creams.