A luxurious taste of tiramisu & cocoa cream with added mascarpone cheese, coffee powder & cocoa powder with cocoa biscuit stick.

A luxurious taste of matcha & cocoa cream with added Japanese quality matcha powder & cocoa powder with cocoa biscuit stick.


Our Premium Indulgence for those who desire tastier snacks with finer ingredients including Mascarpone cheese, Enriched coffee powder & Original Japanese green tea powder. Presented with a Gold-embossed logo on glossy paper wrapping, the cup gives the classic inspiration for what it stands for that comes after. Two distinct layers of cream inside the cup provide the double enjoyment when one indulges together with the Cocoa-added crunchy biscuit sticks. Available in 2 flavours – Tiramisu+Cocoa & Matcha+Cocoa to satisfy pleasure seekers amidst a busy day.