Enjoy the uniquely mushroom shaped choco layered onto a crunchy cracker in every bite of Chocorooms. Available in Chocolate and Strawberry flavours, Chocorooms comes in small convenient packs and are great for a quick treat at any time of the day. So while you’re at work or play, make more room for Chocorooms!

Hello Panda

Crispy on the outside, creamy within! Crunch on the preferred choice for tea parties and tasty snacks that come in seven delicious flavours. Enjoy this classic snack together with family and friends, and look out for special festive packs if you can’t get enough of your favourite cream-filled biscuits! 

Land Printed Biscuits

Land Printed Biscuits are delicious and fun for everyone! Discover the four realms of Land Printed Biscuits with a variety of printed characters on each biscuit, and instill a joy of learning with fun activities on the back of the boxes. Which Lands have you explored?

Plain Crackers

Meiji Plain Crackers are produced using a traditional long fermentation process (up to 24 hours), to achieve the strong aroma and blend of a delicious cracker. Choose from three varieties — Plain, Oat, or Sesame, and eat them plain or pair it with your favourite spread, dip, or drink! Our trans-fat free Plain Crackers range is Halal-certified and comes in two sizes (104g and 416g) to accommodate your lifestyle needs.

Premium Yan Yan

Using only quality ingredients like USA cheese powder and Japanese matcha powder, Premium Yan Yan is the same fun dipping snack — but now with more sophisticated flavours appealing to young adults. Snack in style and savour the finely-powdered oats in our biscuit sticks in Mixed Berries and Cheese, as well as cocoa biscuit sticks in Matcha and Tiramisu.

Sesame Stick Crackers

Enjoy a quick snack that’s lower in sugar! Made with real sesame, crunch on these Sesame Stick Crackers for a convenient, tasty treat. Sesame Stick Crackers are Halal-certified and come in small convenient packs for a quick snack.


Hungry? Seeing Trispy? Reach for a box! Crunch on these NEW savoury triangular snack crackers that’s baked, not fried.

Trispy is trans-fat free and boasts a thin, crispy texture for the perfect crunch everytime!
Choose from either Cheddar Cheese or Mixed Veggies — enjoy these guilt-free treats made in Singapore.


Shaped after the famous Apollo space rocket, Uproll is out-of-this world tasty — made with everyone’s favourite Meiji milk choco, these adorable cone-shaped snacks are topped with strawberry choco for a delicious finishing touch! Treat yourself with these iconic Meiji snacks for the perfect blend of two classic chocolate flavours.

Yan Yan

Did you know that Singapore is the first country to produce Yan Yan outside of Japan? We now export this fun dipping snack to over 30 countries from our little red dot! Swirl and crunch to enjoy the single creamy dips like Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Hazelnut… or have the best of both worlds with double dip cups! Look out for special festive bundles to enjoy more of your favourite dipping stick snack.


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