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Through better understanding of customers’ daily needs, we continue to brighten their lives by offering unique and superb quality food products which provide Fun, Tastiness and Health."





The usage of soft, rounded lower case lettering represents the cheeriness befitting a corporate group in the “Food and Health” business, as well as the warm connection we have with each customer. Learn more.

The Meiji Brand Logo is to symbolize our hope that Meiji can be a constant, beloved presence in the lives of people of all ages, from infants to the elderly. Learn more.





Meiji and I

Meiji and I , CSR



















Hello Panda

Tasty Biscuits with Delicious
Filled Cream

Hello Panda is a cream-filled biscuit; crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside

New Matcha Green Tea Flavour!

Your familiar Hello Panda biscuits now come with new flavour! Chocolate flavour biscuit with Matcha Green Tea cream!





Around the world

Hello Panda is well-loved by consumers all around the world and is a snack favourite in more than 40 countries across 5 continents. Learn more.





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The Fun Dip Stick
Yan Yan is a biscuit stick with a creamy dip; the superb activity snack.

SG50 Colouring Contest

Celebrate SG50 with Meiji & stand a chance to WIN $50 NTUC Cash Vouchers!!! Find out more here!






Single cream – Chocolate, Strawberry, vanilla, hazelnut

Double cream – Chocolate & Strawberry, Strawberry & Banana, Chocolate & Banana





Nutritional Info

Click here to know more about the Nutritional Information of Yan Yan. Learn more.







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Visit our awesome new webpage! Click here

Amino Collagen

Meiji Amino Collagen is for everyone
The perfect combination for health and beauty from within

What is it made of?

Fish collagen peptide (gelatin), coenzyme Q10, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, long pepper extract powder, reduced maltose starch syrup, tomato extract, ceramide-containing extract from rice germ and more.





Tips and tricks

The AC Premium drink contains 5,000 mg of fish collagen, the core ingredient and is also the basic component of the drink. The drink features a clear refreshing taste with hints of pomegranate. Drink Daily for maximum benefits. Find out more.





User Review

User Testimonials
"It make my skin glows like never before. Making me a more confident and unique person as individual!" Learn more.







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Buy Amino Collagen from the official online store to be assured of quality and timely delivery. Buy Now!

Other Products

Meiji Wonderful World of Chocolates, Plain Crackers, and more imported products.



















Events and Promotions

Events and Promotions
Meiji Shop is OPEN!

Meiji Run 2015 Photos

Meiji Run was held last 23 May 2015. Check out the links below for the pictures of the event.

Event Photos





Amazing Fun @ RWS

Amazing Fun @ RWS Winners
Learn more.













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