Meiji Seika Singapore

Established in 1974, Meiji Seika Singapore is the first overseas operation out of Japan for Meiji Co., Ltd. Japan, and is today one of the leading food manufacturers in Singapore. Our products manufactured here are marketed not only in Singapore but are also household names around the world.

Meiji Seika (S) Pte. Ltd. is certified to have met the requirements of Food Safety System Certification 22000.

Our Mission

Through better understanding of customers’ daily lives, we continue to brighten their lives, by offering unique and superb quality food products, which provide Fun, Tastiness, and Health.

Meiji Brand Logo

A Symbol of the Group Philosophy

Meiji Brand Logo is proof of our promise to deliver value to our customers and stakeholders, and represents our efforts to put our Group Philosophy into practice.

The usage of soft, rounded lower-case lettering represents cheeriness befitting a corporate group in the “Food and Health” business, as well as the warm connection we have with each customer. In particular, the shape of the letters “iji” can be seen to represent the outline of a group of people supporting one another, and the letter “e” to represent a smiling face welcoming those people.

Red, our brand colour, is an uplifting colour, evoking the joy of living. Red is also the first colour humans learn after birth, creating a direct link to our desire to be a constant, beloved presence in the lives of people of all ages, from babies to the elderly.