Land Biscuit

Land biscuits are delicious and fun for everyone! Discover the four realms of Land Biscuits with a variety of printed characters on each biscuit, and instill a joy of learning with fun activities on the back of the boxes. Which Lands have you explored?


Tea-time can be fun and educational — learn the names of different animals found at the zoo with ZOOLAND!

Have fun with matching the animals on these printed biscuits to their favourite food at the back of the packaging.

Can you remember all 24 animals featured and their favourite foods?

Attributes Per Serving (26g)


Roar! See dinosaurs come to life with an interactive connect-the-dots activity at the back of the packaging and challenge yourself to learning some very fancy dino names.

Find out about 24 different types of dinosaurs and their unique shapes printed on the DINOLAND biscuits. 

Attributes Per Serving (26g)


It’s black and white and fluffy, it’s a giant panda!

Featuring printed biscuits of cute pandas doing various activities for an adorable snack, and learn about some panda fun-facts with an enriching crossword puzzle at the back of the packaging. 

Attributes Per Serving (26g)


Do you like cars and trucks? Manoeuvre through an AUTOLAND maze with your pencil and get out the other side!

Learn about 24 different types of automobiles, on the land, in the air and deep at sea with these tasty printed biscuits. Which is your favourite vehicle? 

Attributes Per Serving (26g)